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.Skillz Pak  
I've made this pak with a custom railgun and a custom conback. this pak works better in video mode R1GL
52.8 MB
Pakscape allows you to edit and add files to any pak, and even create your own.
105 KB
Deathmatch Maker II  
If your a map maker this is for you. It allows you to view and edit maps.
34.0 MB
Q2 Text  
This program makes those special characters that you make into binds.
124 KB
Purri's Pak  
A really cool pak with custom sounds and textures.
13,680 KB
Naymlis's Pak  

This pak makes it seem like Quake 3 is in Quake 2. Custom everything.

10,349 KB
R1Q2 Anti-cheat   Anti-cheat, self explanatory.
1,761 KB
Quake 2 Timers   This pak has timers for Railgun, Quad, Red armor etc.
811 KB
Brightness Pak   This pak increases the games brightness, with a brightened colormap.
37 KB
Orudie's Pak   Orudie's custom pak's. There are two in the zip file, one is for the models, and one is for the textures.
4,040 KB
Bright Skins
Bright skins pak. White male players, and red female players.
1,851 KB
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