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Skillz On Tue Jan 25 14:49:06 2011 wrote:

Enjoy my site everyone!

lawl On Fri Feb 4 19:50:44 2011 wrote:


MCS_FaderJok0 On Sun Feb 20 10:47:47 2011 wrote:

Copyright  2011, Skillz tastyspleen net, All rights reserved.

I wanna see your papers NOW.

noobvictis On Mon Apr 4 04:06:32 2011 wrote:

skillz, we cant see thru walls in
those screenies. xD

Sunny On Mon Oct 10 19:20:23 2011 wrote:

I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thourgh.

Alazancanela On Thu May 24 13:33:56 2012 wrote:

When you think about it, that's got to be the right ansewr.

Stacey On Sat Oct 13 17:59:23 2012 wrote:

We could've done with that inishgt early on.

CTL.KuRuPT On Thu May 16 05:56:51 2013 wrote:

CTL Sk1llz???

Caridad On Tue May 6 16:28:13 2014 wrote:


Shelia On Sat May 17 05:45:38 2014 wrote:


Serena On Sat May 31 14:17:28 2014 wrote:


Nephi On Sun Aug 3 23:58:04 2014 wrote:

Hi. I like writing comments too.

Francilene On Mon Feb 22 01:52:26 2016 wrote:

Good to see a taelnt at work. I can't match that.

Johne758 On Mon Jul 25 15:29:47 2016 wrote:

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